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Let the donkey cry!
The room is cold. All stuff is sold.
But you feel unbreakable.
Your luck is you are very bold
and miracels are makeable.
The things you need comes naturealy.
Sing a song and listen!
Three birds are visiting next day.
You stay at home today.

Let the donkey cry!
The donkey can’t go back!
Let the donkey cry!

The things you have is time and memories
Where is god when live is a game?
Ask the devil for a bet!
You know a donkey can’t go back.
Let the donkey cry!


Mein Gedicht zum Film No limits

Dear Abbie,

I knew a book all chemistry to trumble down your enemies.

I be the man you want to be, I turn the world you want to see.

Please give me signs to care old souls. You know BC is before Christ.

My love for you is limitless. I pray to God to get access.

Tom Bombadil


Moving boobs at the morning
and the day doesn`t start boring.
Begining with warm cheese and bread
Putting a lot of coffee in the head.
Enough time for a long shower
make me ready for a day of power.
Planing the day with the right balance,
hearing music, I want to dance.

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I have got soul, babe!
I hear the green grass growing.
The wind whispers while blowing.
The shadow has it’s own life.
I take a walk at moonrise.
They speak about disorder
seeing more than the horizon border.
I have got soul, babe!

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Closeness with your oldest friends,
is like to reach the stars with hands.
Don’t care about a single word,
feels like twitter as a mockingbird.
It’s good to have old friends
you will have allways helping hands.


The Lord showed his love to human, when he send his son to earth.

After the winter solstice we celebrate Jesus birth.

Jesus teached us to love eachother like ourself

and to thank God for bread, water and health.

At the darkest time the special day shines bright,

the Lord and his son are always on our side.


winter solstice = Wintersonnenwende

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Dear Lady Gaga,
shall I compare you to a summernight?
You are more lovely and more bright.
You don’t have your best time behind you,
you are on the edge of glory, that’s true.
When the stars of heaven shine,
I hear your music and wish you ‚ll be mine

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