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Let the donkey cry!
The room is cold. All stuff is sold.
But you feel unbreakable.
Your luck is you are very bold
and miracels are makeable.
The things you need comes naturealy.
Sing a song and listen!
Three birds are visiting next day.
You stay at home today.

Let the donkey cry!
The donkey can’t go back!
Let the donkey cry!

The things you have is time and memories
Where is god when live is a game?
Ask the devil for a bet!
You know a donkey can’t go back.
Let the donkey cry!


Mein Gedicht zum Film No limits

Dear Abbie,

I knew a book all chemistry to trumble down your enemies.

I be the man you want to be, I turn the world you want to see.

Please give me signs to care old souls. You know BC is before Christ.

My love for you is limitless. I pray to God to get access.

Tom Bombadil




I watched my first episode the walking dead this afternoon.  I am fixed now. Maybe it’s like a drug to me.

Sie: Komm mir nicht zu nahe! In mir ist tiefe dunkle Nacht, da leben Dämonen.

Er: In mir ist auch tiefe, dunkle Nacht. Die Hölle, da können deine Dämonen wohnen.